Our Story

“ Sparkle for a life that shines

Our story begins in childhood, when a love of jewellery was born. Over the years, it grew on journeys to Paris, London, Milan and New York, leading to a successful career in the diamond business. Working behind the scenes in this thriving industry, we developed the expertise and connections needed to source the finest gems at competitive prices.

At the same time, a creative streak grew, allowing us to flourish and embrace our muse. Working with talented designers, we learned to craft stunning necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants. Experimenting comes naturally to us, and we find influences in classic styles, modern trends and the bespoke creations we make for clients looking for something that captures their unique spirit. By combining the timelessness of a heritage brand with the lavishness of costume jewellery, we’re confident in our ability to make something that speaks to you.

We also believe inspiration is vital to making jewellery that awakens the imagination. In every piece, you’ll find the glamour of the peacock and the grace of a blossoming peony. These enduring symbols of beauty, luck and opulence embody the elegance integral to everything we do. In keeping with our values, we are also dedicated to using responsibly-sourced diamonds. We believe the positive energy found in each piece is connected to its origins, creating a link between our sources and your satisfaction. Of course, our international network of experts maintains an unwavering commitment to quality, ensuring everything we offer is the very best. There is no greater satisfaction for us than watching a sparkling diamond bring out your inner beauty, revealing a life bursting with love and light.