Diamonds can be cut and polished into different shapes, which can be an ideal way of representing different styles and personalities. Don’t know which shape describes you best? Or perhaps you are buying a gift and are unsure of which shape suits her most? Do not panic! We have compiled some useful information on shapes and the personalities they embody, to help you make the best choice:



Round Brilliant Cut

This classic round shape is the most popular in the jewellery industry. It is cherished by women for its clean lines, symmetry and lustre performance.

Personalities: Drawn to traditional romance, honest, faithful, conservative


Princess Cut

This is a square modified brilliant cut. It represents a strong personality and someone who will act as a leader without fear of taking risks.

Personalities: Risk-takers and leaders; tend to be in the spotlight


Cushion Cut

This cut has become more popular in the past few years. Women who are attracted to this shape consider themselves as a strong, modern women who enjoy a distinctive style.

Personalities: Daring, romantic and traditional in personal relationships


Oval Shape

This is a fairly traditional and unique cut, and women who choose this shape tend to live their lives with a “go with the flow” outlook.

Personalities: Fairly traditional, but sometimes enjoy new experiences in life; dependable, predictable


Pear or Teardrop Shape

One side is round and the other tapers to a point. This shape represents traditional with a twist. If the oval shape wearer is happy with just enjoying the party, then the pear shape wearer is more interested in hosting the party.

Personalities: Tends to be bold and courageous, but also have soft and tender heart towards the ones they love


Marquise Cut

This is one of the largest looking shapes for the carat weight, where both sides are tapered to a point. Status and first impression are very important to the woman who chooses this shape.

Personalities: Goal oriented, mysterious and extremely passionate


Emerald or Asscher Cut

Emerald is a rectangular step cut, whilst asscher cut is a square step cut. Both give a sense of elegance and poise. This cut is symbolic to an open heart and personal clarity.

Personalities: Independent, have good sense of who they are


Heart Shape

It is no doubt that the heart shape symbolises pure romance, fantasy and emotion, which represent a sincere and authentic marriage.

Personalities: Pure, seeking magical and perfect love, believes in love stories and happy endings


Radiant Cut

This cut is rectangular with cut corners and faceting similar to the princess cut. It is not such a popular cut when compared to all the other diamond shapes.

Personalities: Energetic, adventurous and lives life to the fullest